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According WebMD Pet Health Center, there’s over 232,000 cases of pet poisoning annually in the U.S. alone and most of these poisonings can be addressed through owner awareness. This number should be lower and we hope to help reduce the number of accidental poisonings across the world through quality content, education, tools and services.

Our mission is for to be a consistent resource for dog parents to reference for food safety education and professional nutritional insights.

About Dr. Hillary Wolfe, DVM CVFT

photo of vet holding a pup

I obtained my doctorate in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University in 2015 and have been practicing small animal medicine since graduation. My favorite thing about being a veterinarian is changing the lives of pets through optimal nutrition! Following graduation, I went on to complete additional nutrition certifications from the NAVC, CIVT, and Chi University with the goal of helping pet parents make better food choices for their furry family members. I host an online pet nutrition course and a homemade pet food course. For pet parents looking for personalized recommendations, I offer individual consultations available at

My writing has been published twice in veterinary medical journals and I’m proud to now contribute to the mission. Dan had the vision to get concise and quality content published for dog owners to reference. There’s an overwhelming amount of misguided nutrition information on the web and I’m confident this website will help educate dog owners about nutrition and food safety.

I’m a pet parent to a dog, Ada, and a cat, Sofia. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, kayaking, axe throwing, and watching the sunset on the beach.”

About Dan Greco, Dog Dad

photo of Dan holding a dogI’m the proud father of a rambunctious toddler named Jonah and dog father to two maltese-poodles, Penny is 5 years old and Zuzu is 4.

One day Jonah, who adores grapes, decided to throw one across the kitchen. Penny is good at taking advantage of whatever food Jonah drops during a meal, however I generally can prevent her from eating things she shouldn’t. This time was different – Penny ate the grape. And if you’re thinking “oh it’s just one grape, whats the big deal?”, my first reaction was the same. I knew grapes were bad but found out they’re actually incredibly toxic and can quickly become life threatening – even from one grape! Thankfully, Penny only had mild sickness symptoms and was back to her usual self by the next morning.

This scare made me realize how little I knew about food safety and dog nutrition. I consulted with Dr. Hillary Wolfe for the longevity of my dogs and had the ah ha moment – “We need to start a blog together!”.

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