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Ever Wonder... Can Dogs Eat That?

Together with Veterinarians we've researched and reviewed over 1000 common foods.
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dog eating cupcake
It's estimated that 232,000 pets are poisoned each year, most of which are preventable through owner awareness. Our content aims to be a comprehensive food safety and nutritional resource for dog owners.
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dog eating cupcake

No — dogs should steer clear of apple pie, no matter how much those puppy ...

dog eating cupcake

Yes, dogs can eat arugula; the leafy green vegetable has tons of nutritional ...

dog eating cupcake

No, dogs cannot consume jelly beans. As nice as it would be if you could ...

dog eating cupcake

Although it's not toxic, Provolone cheese in excess can cause health issues ...

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Featured Veterinarian

Dr. Hillary Wolfe is a veterinarian with special training in pet nutrition. She is a consultant and educator who strives to help owners provide their pets with optimal nutrition.

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