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No, dogs should not eat rosemary because it has an attached risk of triggering seizures. Rosemary leaves are non-toxic to dogs and even have nutritional benefits when given in a small amount. However, we suggest being cautious while giving the herb or the essential oil to your dog because it can complicate epilepsy issues.

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Caution: This food is generally considered risky by the veterinary community. Dogs should not eat this food and should be monitored for adverse effects.

Food Safety Safe in small amounts, however, one should be cautious with the essential oil of the herb.
Nutritional Value Rosemary is filled with antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, i.e., the molecules that cause cell damage.
Potential Risks Eating too much rosemary can lead to digestive issues. Some dogs might get seizures when expose to concentrated rosemary oil.
Symptoms vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, seizures in some cases
Every dog is different. For specific feeding guidelines, including quantities and beneficial foods that are best for your dog, please consult your vet.

How Much Rosemary is Bad for Dogs?

The amount of rosemary that should be fed to dogs depends entirely on the form you are using of the herb. Rosemary leaves should generally be safe if you’re occasionally mixing them with your dog’s regular meals. However, one should be cautious when using rosemary tinctures or oil. Since the liquid forms are concentrated, chances are they hold a higher risk of causing issues such as seizures.

What Makes Rosemary Unsafe?

Rosemary is used as a preservative and stimulant in commercial dog food. However, recently there have been issues of the herb triggering epilepsy in dogs.

While there is no scientific consensus, and most reliable sources call rosemary non-toxic, there is doubt about rosemary. We suggest avoiding rosemary in your dog’s food to be on the safe side. If you want to use it, stick to the leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rosemary when ingested in large amounts can cause digestive issues. However, the jury is still out on whether it is toxic or causes neurological problems.

  • As a herb, rosemary has excellent nutritional value and supports good heart health and digestive health. However, there have been some issues with the ingredient causing seizures in dogs.

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