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No, dogs cannot drink Pepto Bismol. It is quite dangerous for dogs to consume this medicine since it can cause them significant harm. Some dog parents might suggest you give your dog Pepto Bismol, but it is best to take your dog to the vet and follow their guidance instead of trying human medication on your own.

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Dangerous: This food is generally considered a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of dogs. Please contact your vet, a veterinary hospital or pet poison control if you suspect your dog has eaten this food recently.

Why is Pepto Bismol Dangerous for Dogs?

Some veterinarians and dog parents believe it is safe for dogs to consume a bit of Pepto-Bismol in case of gastrointestinal issues. However, we believe that the harms outweigh the benefits.

Following are some reasons that make Pepto-Bismol1 dangerous for your dog:

  • It can cause serious harm to pregnant dogs, their fetus, and nursing dogs as well.
  • It turns your dog’s stool black which causes problems in diagnosing diseases like melena
  • The medication can cause gastrointestinal ulcers
  • Pepto-Bismol can negatively interact with other medication
  • The medication impacts urine, glucose, and ketone tests and can cause a misdiagnosis.

TIP: The Pepto-Bismol tablets appear on the X-Ray as foreign metal objects which can lead the veterinarian to perform surgery the dog doesn’t need, causing further distress to the dog. Hence, avoid Pepto-Bismol in all forms.

What Should You Do if Your Dog Drinks Pepto-Bismol?

If you have given your dog Pepto-Bismol without consulting the veterinarian or your dog has gotten their paws on some Pepto-Bismol, take them to the veterinarian. Always remember to mention what your dog has consumed so they can treat your dog accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pepto-Bismol can be harmful to dogs and can be quite fatal. If your dog has digestive issues, consider taking them to the vet since they are qualified to prescribe safe medication.

  • If your dog has an upset stomach, give them food that is light on their stomach. Shredded chicken, bone broth, pumpkin, and sweet potato are all safe foods that your dog can eat when they aren’t doing well.

  • Unseasoned bland rice water is said to be a good home remedy to treat diarrhea. It is best to stop your dog’s regular diet until their digestive system is back on track.

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Having been a dog dad for 5 years, I know how hard it is to make sure your dog gets the right nutrients and stays away from hazardous foods. With the help of a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition, I created this blog to help dog owners quickly access food information they need.

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Dr. Wolfe holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University and holds nutrition certifications from the NAVC and CIVT. Her business, Tula Veterinary Nutrition, hosts online courses that teach owners how to cook for their pet for optimal health and longevity. Follow her on Instagram at @doctorwolfe.dvm for dog nutrition tips, recipes and insights.