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Yes, dogs can eat arugula; the leafy green vegetable has tons of nutritional value for dogs. Steam the arugula and serve it to your dog in moderation to enjoy its health benefits.

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Beneficial: This food is generally considered beneficial by the veterinary community. Dogs can get nutritional value from this food if added to a dogs regular diet.

Food Safety: Beneficial in moderation
Nutritional Value Rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, and calcium
Daily Serving Served an occasional snack or added to meals
Benefits Good for digestion, immune system support, source of antioxidants
Every dog is different. For specific feeding guidelines, including quantities and beneficial foods that are best for your dog, please consult your vet.

How Much Arugula is Good for Dogs?

Feed small amounts first to see if your dog will eat it. A few leaves mixed with other food is plenty. Generally speaking, arugula fed in moderation is excellent for a dog’s health and wellness, however it wouldn’t hurt to ask your veterinarian before feeding it to your dog.

How To Prepare Arugula For Dogs

The best way to feed it to dogs is to steam a few leaves, chop them up and add them to their meals. Do this occasionally to boost your dog’s health. Too much arugula can cause stomach upset and even disrupt the production of thyroid hormones. Every dog has different nutritional needs. If your dog likes the taste and you want to begin incorporating it into their food regularly, speak with your veterinarian first.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits of Arugula?

Arugula has a high fiber content. Therefore, it will aid your dog’s digestion and help keep them full. As a source of antioxidants, it can help boost and strengthen your dog’s immune system. It also contains Vitamin A, which supports the immune system and eye health.

Tip: If your dog has a thyroid problem (most common is hypothyroidism) leafy greens like arugula may present risks. Consult your vet before feeding your dog arugula.

What Are Some Foods You Can Mix Arugula With?

Consider mixing some steamed arugula with plain diced or shredded chicken. Even if your dog is not a huge fan of arugula, the chicken flavor might attract it into consuming the arugula. Ground turkey could be another great option to mix some arugula with.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dogs, like humans, have varied tastes. Some dogs might enjoy arugula, while others might not even give it a sniff. Don’t force it if your dog isn’t a fan of arugula. Try other leafy greens like kale or collard greens.

  • Likely not, if the salad has any type of dressing or vinegar it’s safest to steer clear. However if it’s simply some olive oil, then you can safely feed your dog a few leaves.

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Dr. Hillary Wolfe , Veterinarian & Certified Food Therapist

Dr. Wolfe holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University and holds nutrition certifications from the NAVC and CIVT. Her business, Tula Veterinary Nutrition, hosts online courses that teach owners how to cook for their pet for optimal health and longevity. Follow her on Instagram at @doctorwolfe.dvm for dog nutrition tips, recipes and insights.