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Yes, dogs can eat peas and carrots. In fact, your favorite side dish is a great source of nutrients for your dog. Peas and carrots are high in fiber and are choke full of essential vitamins A, C, and K and minerals like calcium that improve your dog’s health, making them a great addition to your dog’s diet.

Peas and Carrots
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Beneficial: This food is generally considered beneficial by the veterinary community. Dogs can get nutritional value from this food if added to a dogs regular diet.

Food Safety Beneficial for your dog
Nutritional Value Rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fiber, low calorie
Benefits Helps digestive tract, boosts the immune system, contain plant protein, improves bone health, and more
Daily Serving A handful of chopped and cooked peas and carrots
Every dog is different. For specific feeding guidelines, including quantities and beneficial foods that are best for your dog, please consult your vet.

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Peas and Carrots?

Peas and carrots are an excellent choice of food to incorporate into your diet due to their nutritional value. They contain many health benefits, such as:

  • Peas and carrots are loaded with minerals that improve your dog’s eye, bone, and skin health.
  • The dietary fiber ensures your dog’s digestive system is running smoothly.
  • Peas and carrots are low in calories and make a good snack for your dog if they need to shed some weight.
  • They prevent plaque buildup.

How Many Peas and Carrots Can Dogs Eat?

Start with a handful of peas and carrots in your dog’s food. If they don’t display any adverse reaction, increase it to a cup of carrots and peas and serve it a few times every week.

TIP: Do not give large portions every day. It is best to only stick to a handful of peas and carrots if you want to incorporate the vegetables into your dog’s daily diet.

Only give your dog cooked and unseasoned peas and carrots.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, dogs can eat frozen peas and carrots. If you wish to save time, you can buy commercially packed frozen peas and carrots or chop fresh vegetables and freeze them at home.

  • Yes, peas and carrots are safe for dogs to eat every day. Serve it in small amounts since it is high in fiber, and regular consumption can affect your dog’s digestive system.

  • No, dogs cannot eat canned peas and carrots because they are high in sodium and contain preservatives. Instead, consider giving your dog fresh or frozen vegetables.

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Dan Greco , Dog Dad

Having been a dog dad for 5 years, I know how hard it is to make sure your dog gets the right nutrients and stays away from hazardous foods. With the help of a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition, I created this blog to help dog owners quickly access food information they need.

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Dr. Hillary Wolfe , Veterinarian & Certified Food Therapist

Dr. Wolfe holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University and holds nutrition certifications from the NAVC and CIVT. Her business, Tula Veterinary Nutrition, hosts online courses that teach owners how to cook for their pet for optimal health and longevity. Follow her on Instagram at @doctorwolfe.dvm for dog nutrition tips, recipes and insights.