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Yes, dogs can eat tangerines. The delicious citrus fruit has multiple nutrients that are beneficial for your dog. Tangerines keep your dog hydrated and boost their immune system. It is also an excellent snack for dogs that have a vitamin C deficiency. Fruits have high sugar content and should only be fed in moderation.

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Safe: This food is generally considered safe by the veterinary community. Dogs can eat this food sometimes or in small amounts but contains little to no nutritional value.

Food Safety Safe in small amounts
Nutritional Value Vitamin C, hydrating electrolytes, folate, antioxidants, and more
Potential Risks Upset stomach, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure issues (long-term)
Every dog is different. For specific feeding guidelines, including quantities and beneficial foods that are best for your dog, please consult your vet.

How to Feed Tangerines to Dogs?

Be sure to peel tangerines when feeding your dog. Peels are quite high in fiber and are best avoided. You should also remove the seeds and the white linings on tangerines to ensure your dog is only eating the easily digestible flesh of the fruit.

TIP: If you are only just introducing new food to your dog, try it in a very small amount in isolation to see if your dog likes the taste.

You can offer tangerines in different ways. Remember to chop the fruits to bite sizes, so it is easy for your dog to chew.

If your dog is overweight or has diabetes, tangerines are not the best choice for a snack.

How Many Tangerines are Safe for Dogs?

Your dog can safely eat two segments of tangerine. Avoid giving them more segments since this citrus food is quite sweet and can be harmful in the long term.

You can follow the rule of thumb and ensure your dog only gets 10 percent of their daily calories from sweets. This is the best way to determine if your dog has had enough calories for the day.

Instead of unhealthy food, you can add safe fruits and vegetables into your dog’s diet, so they get the required nutrients and remain healthy.

What Happens if a Dog Eats Too Many Tangerines?

Your dog will experience an upset tummy if they eat too many tangerines. If your dog has got their paws on lots of tangerines, keep an eye on them and monitor their health. If they display symptoms of having a distressed tummy, like vomiting, lethargy, dehydration, and diarrhea, take them to the vet.

If your dog regularly eats tangerines, the long-term effects can be harmful. Your dog may develop diabetes, obesity, and also dental issues. To prevent this, only give your dog sweet treats occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, dogs can eat tangerines and other types of oranges. When feeding your dog tangerines, make sure you peel and deseed them. Also, chop them into smaller pieces, making them easy to chew.

  • No, tangerines are not poisonous to dogs. In fact, tangerines make a healthy snack you can give your dog a couple of times a week.

  • All types of oranges offer the same nutrients to your dog. Moreover, they are all high in sugar and must be eaten in moderation.

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